Community Health Monthly Seminar Ms. Vera KEUNG Shares Experience in Implementing Health Education in Schools

The BSc in Community Health Practice programme of CUHK organized the first seminar of the Community Health Monthly Seminar Series yesterday (9 October). Before the seminar, Prof. Albert LEE, Programme Coordinator of the BSc in Community Health Practice programme, explained that this Seminar Series aimed at establishing a platform for students to have dialogue with new leaders of community health and be inspired by them.


The Programme was glad to have invited Ms. Vera KEUNG, Health Promotion Officer of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care to share her experience in implementing health education in primary school and junior years of secondary schools. The research that Ms. KEUNG conducted concurrently with the health education programmes found that schools devoted considerable amount of time to physical health education, however, education in consumer health, family life and sex was yet to be enhanced. During the seminar, Mr. Endy LAM, Year 1 student of the BSc in Community Health Practice programme, enquired how Ms. KEUNG engaged teachers into her Centre’s health education programmes and research projects amid their busy schedule. Ms. KEUNG explained that one the one hand, the Centre motivated schools to participate by establishing awards schemes, on the other hand, the Centre empowered schools by providing resources and manpower support. She emphasized that the Centre partnered teachers and cared for teachers at the same time.


Ms. KEUNG has been implementing health education, including the Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme, in local schools for more than 10 years. She always provides professional supports, training and written guidelines to school teachers. She believes all individuals of different characteristics can find a role in community health. For example, optimistic people can cheer up clients easily, sentimental people are more empathetic and can provide clients with suitable assistance, sensible people are good at giving evidence based advices. The key, Ms. KEUNG said, was to form a team with players who complement each other. She encouraged students of the BSc in Community Health Practice programme to acquire concrete knowledge and live a healthy life themselves if they wanted to be leaders in community health in the future.


About the Community Health Monthly Seminar Series

The BSc in Community Health Practice programme of CUHK invites new leaders of community health to share their views on a particular community health issue and exchange ideas with students every month. The Seminar Series aims at providing students with opportunities to gain insight in community health and nurture the defining characteristics of community health leaders.

Ms. Vera KEUNG