Community Health Monthly Seminar Ms. Eve LOONG Shares Experience in offering e-course for chronic patients

The BSc in Community Health Practice programme of CUHK organized the second seminar of the Community Health Monthly Seminar Series yesterday (6 November). The Programme was privileged to welcome Ms. Eve LOONG, Manager of the Self-Management Training and Development Centre of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation as a guest speaker for the Seminar on Promoting E-Learning of Diabetes Self-Management Course in Community.

Ms. LOONG shared her experience in organizing Chronic Disease Self Management Program for diabetes patients and their carers. It was the first attempt in Hong Kong to have an e-course on chronic disease with interactive elements. Ms. LOONG explained that compared with traditional health education channels, including talks and seminars organized in the community, e-learning platforms had a higher potential to reach target participants. It was because individual participants could arrange learning places and time according to their own schedule and learning motivation. Moreover, interactive elements not only made e-learning more interesting, but also allowed participants to evaluate their own knowledge and competence. In order to expand the reach of the programme, Ms. LOONG planned to develop the programme into mobile applications for different chronic diseases in the future.

As a Stanford University certified Master Trainer of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme, Ms. LOONG had been focusing in her expertise in providing community rehabilitation services and educational programmes for persons and groups with chronic heart diseases, hypertension, and Parkinson’s disease for more than 15 years. She believed that people were always the priority, instead of a particular health problem, statistics or policy, when designing community health programmes. Therefore, she advised students to train themselves into caring listeners. Their listening ability, Ms. LOONG said, would help them to develop agreed health goals with clients, and work in partnership with clients afterwards. The ability to engage clients, she believed, was the essence of successful community health programmes.

About the Community Health Monthly Seminar Series
The BSc in Community Health Practice programme of CUHK invites new leaders of community health to share their views on a particular community health issue and exchange ideas with students every month. The Seminar Series aims at providing students with opportunities to gain insight in community health and nurture the defining characteristics of community health leaders.