School Life

Community Engagement and Experiential Learning

Students are required to work closely with various organisations to complete 250 hours of supervised field work in a community setting. Students will gain hands-on experience to work in, and work with, the community to promote health. Students will learn to develop, implement, and evaluate health promotion programme to improve community health in Hong Kong.




Enrichment Activities


Mentorship Scheme

Students will be invited to join the Mentorship Scheme which provides a valuable opportunity for establishing network, exposure to diverse perspectives, and career development.

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Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

PASS is a program where students work together to consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies. Each session is facilitated by PASS Leaders: students who have excelled in the course in the past.

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Field Studies Course and Study Tour

Field studies course and study tours will be arranged to broaden the horizons of students, and to explore regional healthcare system in the summer.

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Seoul Study Tour 2018


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Environmental Health Field Studies Course to Taipei 2017



Taipei Study Tour 2017



Student Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in various internal and external activities to fully explore their potentials and creativity, as well as achieve whole-person development.



Student Orientation Camp


Student Society




Spring Dinner


Teacher-Student Gathering


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Fun Run 2017 Graduation Photo Day