Our Vision

Quality community health education and health promotion programmes are needed for success of community-based care. Well-trained community health practitioners (CHP) would serve to reduce health and social care costs by preventing health problems, promoting healthy lifestyles, improving compliance to medical advice, enhancing self-care and self-management skills, and facilitating access to appropriate health and social services. One of the most important tasks of CHP is to equip individuals and families with the knowledge and skills in making informed choices for their health within the context of the setting where they live and work.

The health of individuals, families and our communities are reflection of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and intellectual states as determined by the socio-political, economical, and cultural environment in which we live. This ecological perspective on health emphasises strongly on the interaction between physical and socio-cultural environment. The entry point for health promotion is to identify the multiple levels of influence on health behaviours and how the behaviours are shaped by the environment.

21st Century health education and health promotion is a specialised field to make planned changes of health-related lifestyles and life conditions through individual, interpersonal, and population level changes with collaboration of both mainstream health and community partners. This Programme will provide the foundation for graduates to become specialist in health education and health promotion.

Currently, there are many Associate Degree and Higher Diploma health-related programmes provided by various institutions. A study ladder is essential for graduates of these programmes to achieve higher education to meet the needs at local, Greater China, as well as global levels for community health skills/professionals.